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Wedding Cakes 64

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Wedding Cakes Magazine - Ausgabe / Issue 64 - Autumn  / Herbst 2017

This Autumn 2017 publication is the 64th issue of Wedding Cakes, the UK’s only magazine to feature hundreds of new and unseen designs from the world’s most talented cake makers.

Inside you’ll find hundreds of designs to inspire the look for your big day. Discover all the newest trends for next season, including using warm metallics like rose gold and copper, chocolate paired with bright colours and traditional sugarcraft techniques mixed with painting.

The step-by-step tutorials in this issue include our spectacular cover cake by Michelle Walker which features peonies, hydrangeas, jasmine and amaranthus in an overhanging arrangement. There's also a three-tier cake by Trudy Mitchell which combines watercolour washes, gold detailing and sweet sugar blossoms to make a fun and feminine design.

We hear from Femi and Nike whose Real Wedding feature is filled with grace and music, plus get tips on how to use typography to style your big day. You can also be in with a chance of winning a two-night stay in a private cottage at Summer Lodge worth over £1,200.

Wedding Cakes magazine is published four times a year in April, June, September and December. Visit to find out more and see the latest updates.

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