Cake Craft & Decoration 179

Cake Craft & Decoration 179

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Cake Craft & Decoration Ausgabe 179

October / Oktober 2013

Guest Of The Month - Victoriana Wedding Cake
A stunning Victorian inspired wedding cake complete with flowers and bows designed exclusively for us by Claire Bowman.

Market Place
The latest information from the cake industry along with fabulous free product giveaways.

Rose Wedding Cake
A delicately decorated, pale blue cake topped with pretty pink roses is our elegant wedding cake creation from Marion Frost.

Floral Inspirations - Out Into The Country
Miniature poppies, cornflowers, daisies and wheat are all combined on Gill Collier's floral project this month.

Cake International
All the demonstration information for this year's three day event at the NEC in November to help you choose and book seats in advance of the crowd.

Ivy Wedding Cake
A simple, and extremely elegant, ivy adorned cake from Lisa Munro who married earlier this year and shares her wedding cake with us.

Simply Modelling - A Halloween Wedding
Jane Barraclough turns her talents towards a Gothic wedding cake this month with a nod to the Whitby Goth festival (where our assistant editor is a regular visitor).

Over To You
These are your pages to share news, views and cake problems, plus a prize from Doric Cake Crafts for the message which appeals most to our editor.

Readers' Gallery
Just a few of the many cake pictures sent to us from our readers. Each month a prize from Knightsbridge PME will go to the winning picture chosen by the editor.

Company News
Both Knightsbridge PME and Renshaw have news of their achievements to share with our readers.

Autumn Romance Wedding Cake
The deep tiers of Lisa Slatter's glorious, autumnal coloured cake make a very striking centrepiece for any wedding celebration.

Sugar Skills - Sugarpaste Part 2 and Halloween Pumpkin Cake
Carol Deacon continues her sugarpaste techniques features with embossing, frilling, quilting, lettering and twists. She then goes on to make a fabulous witchy pumpkin Halloween cake.

Cake Boutique - Vintage Garland Wedding Cake
A vintage themed wedding cake complete with bunting from CakeCraftWorld.

Home Baking - Fibre Full Cakes & Biscuits
Valerie Hedgethorne bakes healthy Oat Biscuits, Peach and Gingerbread Squares, Butternut Squash Tart and Date & Pecan Loaf.

Food Facts - Fibre Facts
Lots of facts and information on fibre from Valerie Hedgethorne along with recipes for bean cake and sesame & oat biscuits.

Coming Next Month
Highlights from October's forthcoming issue of Cake Craft Magazine, weddings and Halloween cakes.

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