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Wedding Cakes Magazine - Ausgabe / Issue 67 - Summer / Sommer 2018

This Summer 2018 publication is the 67th issue of Wedding Cakes, the UK’s only magazine to feature hundreds of new and unseen designs from the world’s most talented cake makers.

At Wedding Cakes magazine, we believe that your wedding should be whatever you want it to be, whether that’s timeless, trend-inspired, minimalist or over the top.

If you like things elegant but with a modern edge, there are plenty of chic designs to be found in the Clean Simplicity section. Plus, you can have a go at making a geometric wedding cake featuring three-dimensional texture and a peach protea.

If your style is more maximalist than minimalist, the Full-On Florals section features flowers cascading down the sides of cakes, as well as in between tiers. You can also see how real weddings couple Natalie and Henry used bold blooms to style their day. And, if you’re looking for sugar flower ideas, learn how to make lilacs, ranunculuses and sweet peas in pretty purple shades with the cover cake tutorial by Michelle of Scrum Diddly.

Whilst gold may be the classic choice, there are other metallic shades giving it a run for its money this season. The warmth of rose gold continues to grow in popularity and silver is also making a comeback. See how they’re used inside this issue.

Find out what happened when the UKs top wedding cake designers designed exclusive new collections for the Squires Kitchen Exhibition. And, if you’re feeling inspired, you can win a three-day wedding cake course at Squires Kitchen International School.

Wedding Cakes magazine is published four times a year in April, June, September and December. Visit to find out more and see the latest updates.

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