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Cake Craft & Decoration Ausgabe 141

Guest of the Month
A cake that has lots of flexibility in its design - "Lovin' Life and all it's Critters" from Elaine Thomas, which has a carved cake base and a hand modelled girl in camouflage combats made without a single mould.

Gymkhana Cake
Any horse lover would like this comical cake for their birthday, with a simply made horse and rider from the stable of Karen Davies.

Floral Inspirations - Mellow Yellow
With the Nomocharis and Arum lilies made last month, Gill Collier now makes and adds roses plus a stem of pulled blossoms before taping these into a hand tied bouquet.

An Invitation to Tea
Ann Ockenden has created a birthday cake for a tea lover, in high tea style with gorgeous miniature bas-relief cakes, scones, pot of jam and sandwiches.

Inspiration from Famous Designers
Nadene Hurst continues to take inspiration from the work of famous designers for her sugarcraft. This month she has chosen Milton Glaser, famous for his logo, and created a very simple stylish summer birthday cake.

Little Fingers - Come Rain or Shine
Ruth Wyld and Nicole have come up with a 'double sides' cake top for our typical summer weather.

Clowning Around
A bright, cheery clown adorns the top of Lisa Slatter's children's birthday cake, with circus style decorations to match.

Simply Modelling
'Surfs Up' and Jane Barraclough has handmodelled teenage lads enjoying the surf.

Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show
Show director Kerry Vincent has sent us wonderful wedding cake images from this show with the theme "Of Sea and Shore".

Home Baking
'Wrap it Up' is the theme of this month's baking from Valerie Hedgethorne, with tasty strawberry filo purses, a battenburg cake, cherry envelopes and banana turnovers to tempt the taste buds.

The Flower Collection - Camellia & Lobelia
Two more flowers to challenge you. Make sure you cut these pages out and place them in an A5 ring binder with the rest of the collection.

College Report
The work of Lisa Cade’s students at South Staffordshire College.


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