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Cakes & Sugarcraft Ausgabe 117

The summer issue of Cakes & Sugarcraft comes to you fresh from Squires Kitchen’s recent sell-out cake decorating, chocolate and sugarcraft exhibition. The stunning work on display was proof that this is a great year for cake decorating: turn to page 40 to read all about it and see the prize-winning creations.

In this issue you’ll find over 20 step-by-step cake designs and recipes for all the exciting events coming up over the next few months, from Father’s Day to the Olympics. What’s more, they’re for all skill levels, from Mary Berry’s simply delicious Wimbledon cake to Linda Garnham’s impressive and challenging design for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

If you’re looking for wedding cake inspiration this season, we have three gorgeous step-by-step projects which use very different decoration techniques: Pervin Sutherland’s mint green royal icing, Susanna Righetto’s beautiful sugar wisterias and Mark Tilling’s tempting modelled Brazilian orange chocolate.

And from the tall-tiered to the tiny: it’s the Tunnock’s teacake. In the last issue of Cakes & Sugarcraft we challenged you to decorate a single teacake in the most imaginative and effective way possible and post a picture of it on Squires Kitchen’s Facebook page at We were amazed with the response! Turn to page 66 to see the winning designs.

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