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Cakes & Sugarcraft 144 Februar / März 2018

This February/March 2018 publication is the 144th issue of Cakes & Sugarcraft, an inspirational and informative magazine for anyone who enjoys making and decorating cakes.

Having made it through the festive season we’re looking ahead to springtime celebrations. For Valentine’s Day, fall in love with Vicky Turner’s cute couple perched on top of a teacup cake. Then, show your mum how much you care this Mother’s Day with a cool and classic celebration cake topped with sugar flowers.

You’ll also find tutorials for two of our most frequently requested themes: gardening and dinosaurs. Emily Hankins’ vegetable patch is created using two different painting techniques, while Karen Taylor’s roar-some birthday cake combines sugar modelling and wafer paper.

For those who are gearing up to make a wedding cake this year we’ve put together an introduction to the building blocks of a great cake. Once you’ve got to grips with that, test out your piping skills with Helen Mansey’s Floral Monogram Wedding Cake. Or, if it’s sugar flowers you’ll be making, there are tutorials for six of the top bouquet blooms: roses, peonies, anemones, parrot tulips, lily of the valley and muscari.

If you’re trying to be healthy in the New Year, you’ll find recipes for nourishing cakes using wholesome ingredients. Cake is always an indulgence, and rightly so, but these treats prove that choosing the nutritious option doesn’t have to mean compromising on flavour. Plus, they’re gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Cakes & Sugarcraft is published six times a year in January, March, May, July, September and November. Find out more about the magazine at

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