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Cakes & Sugarcraft 124

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Cakes & Sugarcraft  Magazin Ausgabe 124 / Spring / Frühling 2014

2014 is set to be the year of sugarcraft. Far from being a niche hobby, cake decorating is now firmly in the public domain and we can’t wait to see the exciting results of this development. Whether you’re just beginning or have been subscribing to Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine since the first issue was published in 1993, there are plenty of step-by-step projects in this issue to develop skills, introduce new techniques and, most of all, share our love of sugarcraft. To get started this season, find out how to make our front cover chicken cake by Sherry Hostler. Tessa Whitehouse dispels the myth that you can’t royal ice a sponge cake with a gorgeous speckled Easter cake – friends and family will love the secret centre filled with chocolate eggs which are revealed when you cut into it. And sugar flower expert, Paddi Clark, shows how to craft a beautiful and contemporary wreath of mimosas in sugar. If you’re looking for a showstopper, we have two projects in this issue which offer a fantastic opportunity to expand your skills. Jan Clement-May shows you how to recreate the characters from The Wizard of Oz film in sugar, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and Linda Garnham reveals how to construct a spectacular Parisian townhouse using pastillage. Wedding season is approaching and we have a selection of fresh designs for you to choose from. They all use very different techniques to create the decorations, including hand-painted birds, origami made from SFP, ranunculus flowers, ruffles, gilding and edible sequins. If you’re thinking of starting your own cake decorating business this year, read wedding cake designer Trudy Mitchell’s story and find out her tips for running a successful cake business. If you like baking, you’ll love Karen Taylor’s delightfully kitsch retro oven design. Finally, we share a wonderful photographic collection of Tala’s baking and cake decorating products from the last 100 years.

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