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Cakes & Sugarcraft 141

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Cakes & Sugarcraft 141

This August/September 2017 publication is the 141st issue of Cakes & Sugarcraft, an inspirational and informative magazine for anyone who enjoys making and decorating cakes.

Each issue of Cakes & Sugarcraft is packed with original step-by-step cake decorating, cookie, cupcake and sugarcraft tutorials for all skill levels, from the absolute beginner to the professional. Written by some of the leading names in cake decoration, all projects are beautifully photographed with easy-to-follow instructions.

In this issue

  • 14 step-by-step tutorials for new and original cakes and cupcakes
  • Stunning wedding cakes, from bright and bold to clean and geometric
  • Make your own animal models including foxes, hedgehogs and alpacas, oh my!
  • Gluten-free recipes including Lemon and Raspberry Parsnip Cake and Peaches and Cream Cake
  • Detailed instructions and images to help you make an armature (supportive structure)
  • Five top tips for personalising your cake designs
  • Realistic sugar flowers in a golden colour palette


  • Fascinating features
  • News and events
  • Reviews of new baking and cake decorating books
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • The latest tools and techniques
  • ...and much more!

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