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Wedding Cakes 69

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Wedding Cakes Magazine - Ausgabe / Issue 69 - Winter 2018 / 2019

This Winter 2018–19 issue of Wedding Cakes magazine will be the last one published in its current format and frequency but, as always, it’s packed with inspiration for the coming season.

Texture is trending in a big way so be inspired by our round-up of the best designs, as well as the Icelandic poppies wedding cake tutorial with its wafer paper covering.

Feeling Festive shows some great ways to work with a Christmassy theme for those December weddings, as does Pamela McCaffrey’s Cosy Celebration wedding cake project with its knitted patterns and deep blue berries.

Try out the best seasonal colour palettes with The New Navy and Winter Whites or rethink the way you apply colour in Illustrated and Awash with Colour.

Keep things utterly modern by incorporating square tiers, like our cover cake, and lots of glossy, green leaves. Or, if you’re more traditional than trendy, you’ll love the cakes in the Classic Looks section.


Wedding Cakes magazine is published four times a year in April, June, September and December. Visit to find out more and see the latest updates.

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